About Us

Walterdale Playhouse is a family of dedicated, professional volunteers providing quality entertainment for the community.

After years of history, the Walterdale Playhouse family has grown up and spread out and we need your help to find some long-lost members. If you know of someone who has been involved in the Walterdale Playhouse in the past years or if you have a story to tell, contact us today!

Walterdale celebrates its anniversary, and we’ve got a treasure trove of exciting plans in store. Please take a moment to read a bit about our company’s unique history, discover our anniversary plans, and find out what you can do to help!
With such a rich and varied history, it’s hard to determine what sort of celebration befits our anniversary season.

So we’ve decided to celebrate in as many ways as possible. Our current plans include the following projects and initiatives, which we hope will culminate in these recent years:

  1. A publication detailing Walterdale’s history. Combining photos and other archival documents with interviews and anecdotes from Walterdale’s surviving founders, this lavish book will be a nostalgic delight for any Walterdale members, as well as a fitting introduction for newcomers.
  2. A plan to digitize Walterdale’s archives. With half a century of photos, slides, posters, programs, handbills, and press clippings, Walterdale’s archives are more than just a collection of documents; they represent a vital part of Edmonton’s theatre history. Transferring our materials into digital format will transform a bulky, aging archive into a portable, easily searchable resource.
  3. We are looking at renovations, as we are still studying the practicalities of this, specifically an elevator.
    A phenomenal, star-studded anniversary season showcasing Walterdale’s past, present, and future!


Getting Involved

In order to achieve these goals, Walterdale has the fundraising campaign. There are lots of ways to help out:

  • Donate a small amount by dropping off an envelope in our lobby donation box. The box accepts cash or cheques, and if you include your name and address on the envelope, then for every donation over $10.00, you will receive a tax receipt.
  • Donate a more substantial amount. Donors can contribute towards specific projects, or have their donations associated with specific shows during our anniversary season. Donors who contribute more than $500 will receive their name on a brick in our newly renovated lobby!
  • Help us to secure corporate sponsorship. If you know of a local business that is looking for opportunities to participate in arts initiatives, let us know how we can get in touch with them.
    Tell us your stories. If you are a long-time Walterdale member, we’d love to hear your anecdotes about the theatre’s history.

Join our marketing committee and contribute your own innovative fundraising ideas!
To help in any of these capacities, or to find out about other fundraising initiatives that are currently under way, contact Walterdale Theatre.